Bardo (in extremis),
8 min. trt, 1996
Directed by Douglas Rosenberg,
Choreographed and performed
by Molissa Fenley

Choreographed and performed by Molissa Fenley, the hand held camera of Douglas Rosenberg moves with the dancer, probing, searching and finding a view of the dance not possible in the theater. Fenley's unique style of movement is seen in extreme close up, accentuating her muscularity and particular use of the hands and limbs. The score is by Somei Satoh.

Molissa Fenley (Choreographer and Performer) was born in Las Vegas in 1954. She grew up in Nigeria, lived in Spain, and returned to the US where she received a degree in dance from Mills College in 1975.

She moved to New York City that year and formed Molissa Fenley and Dancers in 1977. Her 28-year career of choreographing and presenting her work has developed in cycles. During her first ten years (1977-1987) she focused on presenting group works, performed by herself and an ensemble of dancers.

In the second ten years (1987-1997) her work shifted to solo performances created in collaboration with contemporary visual artists and composers.

Now, in a third cycle, she is once again exploring the dynamics of ensemble work.

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